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                                         MAGXP : THE CREATOR OF IMAGINATION

Innovation Began Right Here!
How do you define success? Quality + Time, 20 plus successfully-delivered projects in just 1 Months? Well MAGXP is all that you need for your website.

Success comes at a PRICE. At MAGXP, it cost us relentless hard work, unfailing customer service and organized team effort, when MAGXP thought it was the right time to offer something more to the Web industry; give businesses an effective online presence and help them promote their services through the power of the Internet.

Where MAGXP Stand Today?
In the current scenario, our presence has become more prominent. Today MAGXP are certified by the likes of Microsoft and are an approved partner of Rack space. However, the buck does not stop here. Our portfolio of more than 50 clients and 105-plus successfully delivered projects is an achievement that is hard to match.

Is that all about MAGXP?

Nope, there’s something more. MAGXP is not an ISO certified company – a certification that ensures every project delivered matches up to the optimum requirements of the client, with every process underlining quality. But it is just the beginning, every thing will be fine in the end.

Master of the Game
When it comes to online tools and technology, MAGXP have really been there, done that. Be it development, design, or SEO, our solutions are simply par excellence.

Our Team
People + Passion + Participation = Productivity

MAGXP believe if you have, on board, people with a passion for participating in the company’s affairs, you cannot be far from the pinnacle of productivity.

Living up to our belief is Team Olive - a bunch of young, enthusiastic professionals who give their best shot to every venture they undertake. MAGXP are what MAGXP are because of the strength of our human resource. This section is dedicated to the teams that make Olive a reliable partner for businesses worldwide.

Our Clients
Pleasing people the world over Quality:
What is the entire hullabaloo about QUALITY and INFRASTRUCTURE? Are they really all that important???

If your answer happens to be ‘No’, your perception certainly does not match with ours. However, if you say yes, you are definitely in sync with Olive - an organization that truly believes in quality and infrastructure being the quintessential components of every business process.

Our cross-disciplinary team of 80-plus professionals – comprising web designers, e-business strategists, Internet marketers, SEO consultants, software engineers, account managers, content developers, network administrators, etc. – is constantly on the lookout for ways of making ‘their’ clients happy.


“Get in touch with us right away to foster your needs and see them take shape”

Where MAGXP Are:

Reaching us is not a difficult proposition really. all you need is a mind determined to hunt down a top-notch web solutions company!

For Job applications, please click here to apply online or send your resumes to info@MagXP.com
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Karan Rawat is a professional writer from a Hill Station Kulsari, He is a Wikipedia Editor, skilled in all types of content - from SEO to screenplays, creative to academic. Read More: http://about.me/karnrawat
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