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SEO Artist Resume Cover Letter, That Help Me Connect With Brands!


    Que. What is a cover letter — and why is it important?
Ans.  It’s a letter of introduction that highlights your key accomplishments and fit for a job opening. A cover letter adds focus to your resume. Few employers seriously consider a resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter; thus, a cover letter needs to be part of your job-search strategy. Each cover letter must be tailored to each job, each employer. 

SERPholiC Media Pvt. Ltd.
1903 P, LGF, Sector 45
Haryana, Gurgaon – 03

Dear Shaksham (Chief Human Resource),

This morning I came across my LinkedIn Profile and saw your Message and a job opportunity for a Seo Artist at Serpholic. Instantly I was excited to see that there would an opportunity for me right across the LGF Street . At the moment I am working as a SEO Manager at “BestTech247” "(A Silver Certified Microsoft Partner), where I have been for nearly 1 year. During this time I have learned a number of new skills and technologies used for creating Search Engine Experiences and SEO Development for the web. And as of late I’ve been expanding my knowledge of SEO to develop and implement SEO and social media strategies from the ground up. 

Of what I have learned about Serpholic, you offer something to the web that not many other companies do and that’s Findability. I feel that my Job at “Clearpath Technologies” and “BestTech247” is perfectly suited toward preparing me for a role like this. You can see on my resume that I have had variety of experiences in the SEO development beyond these organization and I believe that Serpholic, would benefit greatly from my knowledge and excitement. I’m reachable by phone at <09971194967> most anytime of the day and I would welcome the opportunity for an interview any weekday in the coming month. 

Karn Singh     :(Document Name)
Karan Rawat  : (Social Name)
Username       : karnrawat (In Most of the Social Platform)

Note: Team And Folks There are very professional at work and friendly by Nature!


Karan Rawat
SEO Manager, www.BestTech247.com
m:+91 9971194967e:karanrawat@engineer.com| a: 1710 First Avenue, #351 New York, New York 10128

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Karan Rawat is a professional writer from a Hill Station Kulsari, He is a Wikipedia Editor, skilled in all types of content - from SEO to screenplays, creative to academic. Read More: http://about.me/karnrawat
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