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Pokemon Go Customer Customer Service - Pokemon Go Phone Number - Pokemon Support

What can we help you with?

Account/Purchase Questions:

  • Help with PokéCoins and premium items
  • Request a nickname or team change
  • Delete my Pokémon GO account

Gameplay Questions:

Urgent Safety Issue:

  • If you feel you are in physical danger, please contact your local police or law enforcement for further assistance and then report your issue here.

Pokémon GO Customer Service Number

Pokémon Go does not need any introduction, as it is a highly popular computer gaming platform that has almost created viral popularity for itself. Within a time of a week, it has gone extremely famous. If you check the social media conversions and trends, you shall find Pokemon Go to trend in both Twitter ad Facebook. After taking social media in a perfect storm, this game is expected to do well in future. A lot of people search for something to get rid of the boredom of sitting alone. Well, for them, playing Pokémon Go can be highly fruitful. So far, the review of this game is positive, and those who played it have expressed their satisfaction for it.
The only thing that has been noted as the negative side of this game is technical error. In fact, several kinds of technical errors have been faced by a lot of people. The reasons for errors are understandable though. Pokemon Go has launched recently, and thus it is expected that users would encounter different kinds of bugs. Apart from that several users in social media have tried playing Pokemon Go, and that is why the server may get slow and hence glitches could occur.
To continue playing Pokemon Go seamlessly, and to eliminate the errors that you are encountering while playing this game, get in touch with us by calling at Pokémon go customer service number. We are basically a 3rd party customer support service provider for Pokemon Go, offering robust and effectual services to the callers. You can get quick guidance or assistance to get rid of the technical issues that you are encountering while playing this game. Veteran and enthusiastic customer support team will always ensure the best results for you. So at the following section, get an overview of our services.
What Are the Common Technical Errors with Pokémon Go?
Due to heavy traffic on the server, the game has shown different kinds of issues since last week. A lot of users have turned completely frustrated as they could not play it properly. The most common error is freezing up. This can either happen due to bugs or can happen due to excessive traffics on server. Abrupt closure has also been experienced by many people. Once again, it could be errors with server or could be due to occurrence of bugs. Pokémon has been launched recently with high expectations, but sadly it has not fixed a lot of bugs yet. It is understandable that removing bugs would take time. However, apart from server glitches and bugs, different kinds of errors have also been encountered by the users. We try to find those errors and provide possible solutions. Our service includes understanding the errors and giving clients step by step guidance to resolve the error or hiccup. Call us anytime for tactical and methodical assistance on resolving errors with Pokémon Go. To talk to us, you have to dial up Pokémon go customer service number.
What Kinds of Error We Can Resolve?
Our executives are well trained and well-versed to resolve arrays of issues that users commonly face with Pokémon Go game. Some errors are unavoidable. For example, internal server errors, bugs, etc. Apart from these administrative problems, we can help you resolving different issues that you may encounter while playing Pokémon Go. For example, you cannot launch the game on your browser. You have incorrect browser setting or you lack flash player to play this game. It could be failure of your internet too. We can help you resolving these errors, except the internet problem. For resolving internet connection error, you need to call your internet service provider. We can help you with making right computer configuration for playing Pokémon Go. Contact us for Pokémon go customer technical support, we commit 100% satisfactory services to clients.
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